Montessori 5K Fun-Raiser

Montessori 5K Fun-Raiser- COMPLETE!

Thank you to all who participated! Check back next year for another 5K Fun-Raiser!

Thank you for supporting your student in the Montessori Children’s School (MCS) first ever 5k! These past few months have been challenging in so many ways. But even with this challenge, the Montessori Children’s School community has persevered and come together to create a powerful experience. The teachers and staff have come together in full force to create interactive experiences that keep the children connected and learning together. Of course we could not have done all this without the support of all our Montessori family! Now that the school year is ending, we are prepared and looking forward to the time we can get everyone together in person!

But until then, your donation is an important part of allowing this little gem in NC to create a safe and powerful learning space for your Montessori student. For obvious reasons, we were not able to hold our annual Auction fundraiser which typically brings in $40k for our school. Montessori depends on this money for growth, training and other expenses that bring rich experiences to the students. For example, MCS has secured the service of a specialized cleaning company to disinfect the school every evening once school begins.

Each student has been asked to walk, run, dance or even skip their way to a 5k (or to as many miles they can do in this next week!). Donation options are $5 per mile, a flat donation like $50 or $100 or you can feel free to customize as you see fit.

Thank you so much for your donation. Please choose the donation amount that works best for you. Please also add the student’s name that you are supporting so that we make sure they get celebrated!!!

Thank you

Stacey Gardner and all the team at the Montessori Children’s School!