Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

As a non-profit, we rely heavily on the support of our community. It is not only a benefit to our school but also an amazing way to meet other families and get involved! We ask that each family’s contribution be the equivalent of 30 hours of Time, Treasure, and Talent(referred to as TTT going forward) or any combination of the three. For contributions of supplies and materials, receipts may be submitted to the office and you will be able to document them on a Google Sheet that will be shared with your family's email. 
For time spent on a project, fundraising event, or any work done on behalf of the school, the volunteer will receive a credit for $10 per hour toward the balance of TTT. We will be posting a list of Time, Talent, and Treasure ideas in our Montessori Messenger emails.
Please continue to check the Montessori Messenger for changes and updates as our campus needs are continually evolving. Any unfulfilled balance of TTT will be billed as a final invoice for the school year. We greatly value our families and know that each one of you is an important piece of our puzzle that would not be complete without you.
TIME- Giving the gift of time can come in many different forms. Members of the Board ofDirectors give generously of their time to help advise the Head of School and provideGovernance to the administration. Parents and families donate their time to come and helpbeautify our campus. Parents also help organize the Fundraisers that are so crucial in maintainingour budget and help provide for the unforeseen expenses that crop up during the year.TALENT- Building skills come in handy when fences, gates, and buildings need replacing orrepair. Tech skills are sometimes needed to upgrade and maintain our IT resources. Organizingthe Uniform Rescue room so that parents can easily find their child’s size. The possibilities arevirtually endless for the donation of one’s talent.TREASURE-Donations to our Annual Fund help to bridge the gap between our tuition revenueand expenses. Participating in fundraisers and inviting your family, friends, and neighbors toparticipate as well, are some of the creative ways to help.

Volunteer Opportunities

Here at MCS, we appreciate all the hard work that our volunteers do and the time, commitment, and dedication that they bring to our community! We have a revolving door of projects, events, and opportunities for our families to fulfill their volunteer hours for the year.

Please use this Signup to claim available volunteer opportunities - this list will be updated frequently!  

Community Workdays

Workdays are a great opportunity for those who would like to contribute their time and talent towards making our school campus beautiful, functional, and safe. This is also a great way to earn your volunteer hours for the school year. Workdays take place on the following Saturdays from 9am-1pm RAIN or SHINE! 

Upcoming Workdays:

August 5, 2023

September 9, 2023

October 7, 2023

November 4, 2023

December 2, 2023