Volunteer Log

Volunteer Log

As a non-profit, we rely heavily on the support of our community. It is not only a benefit to our school but also an amazing way to meet other families and get involved!

How many hours? Thirty (30) volunteer hours per family with a maximum of sixty (60) hours for those families with two or more children are required. Any unfulfilled hours will be billed at a rate of $10.00 per hour at the end of the school year.

Current parents, please log onto Transparent Classroom and go to the homepage. The Volunteer Log link will be available for you to document your hours.


Volunteer Opportunities

Here at MCS, we appreciate all the hard work that our volunteers do and the time, commitment, and dedication that they bring to our community! We have a revolving door of projects, events, and opportunities for our families to fulfill their volunteer hours for the year. Please check the link below for this month's list: