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10 Books for Prospective & Current Families

Here at MCS, we believe that the Montessori philosophy does not end when the child leaves the classroom. It continues forward into the child's homelife and becomes a lifestyle for whole education and learning. Here are a few great reads to guide you into the Montessori journey and help you gain a better understanding of the Montessori philosophy and implementing Montessori at home.

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Montessori Daoshi Blog

“He has not been placed in the world in order to enjoy beautiful things. He has been placed here to make the world better.”

American Montessori Society

MCS is a proud member of AMS. Click on the photo to obtain more information on AMS and Montessori Resources.

2022-2023 Family Handbook

Family Handbook 2022-2023

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Virtual Parent Education Night- Primary Age

April 2020

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Montessori = creativity unleashed | Judi Bauerlein | TEDxLivermore

Grace and Courtesy: Building A Better World | Dr. Timothy Purnell | TEDxGoldeyBeacomCollegeSalon

Grace and Courtesy

Do you have 15 minutes to listen to this great TEDx talk by Timothy Purnell? It's worth your time!